Strengthening Canadian Efforts to Identify What Works (and What Doesn’t) in Social Policy

The landscape for evidence-informed policymaking is changing rapidly. While important social issues are becoming more complex and entrenched, there exist challenges which impede the generation and adoption of evidence to inform impactful social policy in Canada.

The Innovation in Evidence Conference is a response to these challenges, and an opportunity for Canadian and international policymakers and practitioners to discuss emerging approaches and opportunities for collaboration. The conference has three primary objectives:

  • Identify opportunities to strengthen Canada’s evidence ecosystem.
  • Directly inform efforts currently underway in Saskatchewan and Alberta to improve the use of evidence in policymaking and program delivery.
  • Explore the potential for international collaboration on social policy issues.

This paper serves as a context-setting piece for the Innovation in Evidence Conference, situating the event in relation to the current state of evidence-informed policymaking in Canada and innovative Canadian and international approaches to creating and using evidence.

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Lisa Lalande
Joanne Cave

Release Date

October 25, 2018