Mowat NFP conducts research on the structural and systemic issues facing the not-for-profit sector, focusing on the policy drivers and enabling conditions that can strengthen, accelerate, and scale the sector’s contributions to build thriving communities and improve well-being.

The research addresses issues that cut across a variety of topic areas, including government legislation and regulation, finance and funding, data and information, labour force development, social innovation and capacity building.

Mowat NFP engages in extensive sector consultations and works in partnership with umbrella organizations to ensure its research and policy recommendations are timely, relevant, and realistic.

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Latest Research

Committing to Action

How to ensure that social policy decisions are consistently and effectively guided by the best possible evidence? Mowat NFP’s latest report crystalizes the lessons learned from the Innovation in Evidence conference and related research and convening activities to tackle this challenge.

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Breaking the Inertia

The social sector is a key strategic partner to Canadian governments as they seek to address big challenges like poverty or climate change.

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Evidence that Works

Canadian governments and their service-provider partners are tackling increasingly complex social problems. Effective solutions will depend on how well they can identify what initiatives are and are not working, and how well the most promising ones can be adapted and scaled up.

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Research Series

Enabling Environment Series

This series explores several dimensions of an enabling environment including the relationship between the sector and government, charity regulation, aspects of financing, data, research and development.


Innovation in Evidence Series

Mowat NFP’s Innovation in Evidence series provides insightful analyses of these challenges and identifies opportunities to improve the use of evidence in policymaking and program delivery in Canada.