What impact is Mowat NFP having? We analyze our impact in three performance categories:

  • Idea Generator: Mowat NFP’s objective is to develop actionable recommendations, thought leadership, and short and long-term agenda-setting. To what extent are we influencing actual policymaking in the long-term?
  • Communicator: Mowat NFP’s objective is to spark and influence public discussion, and transfer policy knowledge to the NFP sector, sector leaders and the general public. To what extent are we part of the public policy conversation in our areas of research? How deep and wide is our public footprint and reach?
  • Convenor and Partnership Engagement: Mowat NFP’s objective is to invest and engage in partnerships that advance research and learning opportunities in the sector as it relates to public policy. To what extent are we able to convene, collaborate and consult with a large and diverse universe of stakeholders?

Impact Report 2018

Mowat NFP’s impact report provides an overview of our publications, activities and public policy impact for the 2018-2019 year.

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