Moving decent work forward in the not-for-profit sector

This report is a summary of the Change Work report that was published in November 2015 and includes six promising practices that NFPs can draw on when considering how to implement or advocate for decent work in their places of employment. Sharing promising practices is a jumping off point for exploring the potential for decent work in the NFP sector.

There are many issues that affect the sector’s one million employees provincially: employment stability; low levels of pension plan and benefits coverage; high rates of part-time and contract employment; underinvestment in training and development; and poor work/life balance for workers. There is a need to improve working conditions for all – in the nonprofit sector and beyond. The decent work movement presents an opportunity for the sector to act as a champion of working conditions and social policies that not only ensure dignified and supportive work environments for employees, but also support the overall health and effectiveness of the nonprofit sector.

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Lisa Lalande
Jamie Van Ymeren
Alexa Greig

Release Date

October 20, 2016