Valuing the opportunity

Recent sector survey results tell the story of a sector that has not internalized diversity in its hiring policies. In this Sector Signal, we analyze the findings from the Looking Ahead Leadership Survey and consider the challenges facing the sector in advancing diversity and inclusion.

What does it mean when the majority of organizations in the sector are not deliberately pursuing diversity in their recruitment practices? What are the challenges that limit the sector from advancing diversity and inclusion as a strategic priority? We also explore the core elements of diversity’s value proposition in the not-for-profit sector and make recommendations regarding how to move the marker on diversity and inclusion meaningfully across the sector. What is the broader value proposition for diversity in the not-for-profit sector, beyond social justice and equity, and how can it be leveraged to contribute to organizational success? Going forward, how can diversity and inclusion be better supported and advanced across the sector?

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Elizabeth McIsaac
Carrie Moody

Release Date

February 20, 2014