The year 2020 is the earliest record of the firm being mentioned. Even so, a bookmaker was the one who was making progress at the time. It has moved to the forefront in terms of both the quantity of entertainment available and the level of safety because it has become so popular inside Canada. Already, every single Canadian is aware of the fact that not only is it possible to earn money here, but one can also have a fantastic time and the Levep Up casino is legitimate. It has been granted an official license and all of the powers necessary to conduct business anywhere in the world by Curacao.

Levep Up reviews

The gaming business developed at a rapid pace, and it was determined that new types of gambling entertainment would be developed and distributed in the market. Initially, the casino was a part of the gaming website as a whole. However, as a consequence of their spectacular rise to success, Levep Up casino online needed extra space, so they separated its casino and poker room into separate places. This allowed them to meet their space requirements. Since that time, the online casino has had its own gaming website, where it offers players a broad range of different gambling-related activities to participate in.

To provide the highest possible level of safety and security, the administrators of the platform have used cutting-edge SSL protocols to encrypt all of the users' personal information as well as the transaction data.

The Best Guidelines for the Levep Up Casino

It is essential to become familiar with the major limitations of the platform before beginning the process of registering for the website and beginning to gamble. The membership rules and regulations may be seen in their entirety on the home page. When you sign up for an account at a casino, you will be required to click a box stating that you have read and comprehend the rules, as well as that you absolve the casino of all responsibility for any potential losses.

The following are the most basic requirements that we uncovered when performing research for our Levep Up casino review, and it is imperative that you understand them:

  • Gamblers who are older than 18 years old are the only ones who are permitted to finish the registration process. If this is not corrected quickly, the user's access will be revoked.
  • In addition, registration is only available to those who live in nations that have authorized Levep Up, and users are only allowed one account total across all of their devices. Upon sign-up, the programme checks the user's IP address to ensure that they only have one account and do not create more ones;
  • If a player is found to be employing a method that facilitates cheating, their account will be terminated immediately.
  • You have the ability to set a daily, weekly, or monthly cap on the total number of bets that can be placed using your account at any time. By taking this action, you will lower the likelihood of acquiring an addiction.

When it comes to the terms and conditions of their platforms, operators in a variety of countries have the ability to make alterations whenever they see fit or in accordance with the laws of their respective country. Read everything under "Terms & Conditions" very carefully and jot down any important information that stands out to you.

Bonuses and promo codes are available

Those who utilize the betting platform provided by Levep Up are entitled to participate in the bonus programme offered by the firm. That is to say, the user is required to participate in sports betting in order to put the bonus money that was supplied as a gift by the operator at risk. Once the wagering requirements have been satisfied, the cash can be utilized for anything, including playing the Levep Up slot machines. Visitors that gamble at online casinos through the site are not eligible for any bonuses, rewards, or other special promotions, such as receiving free spins as a gift. The bonus amount for deposits is equivalent to 100% of the value of the Levep Up casino deposit, up to a maximum of 15,000 Canadian dollars. You are only allowed to spend a maximum of ten thousand Canadian Canadian Dollars. Throughout the entirety of the gaming process, wagers are put using conventional bets that have odds of 3. In the event that the player comes out on top, they will receive an additional 5% of the value of their bonus. Bettors who engage in express wagering on five or more different events at the same time are eligible for a unique offer. If the odds on any of the competitions that you take part in are greater than 1.3, then you will be entitled for an additional reward. It's possible that the bonus might reach 15% if there were enough cases. When there are five different events involved in a parlay, the payout is guaranteed to be at least 7%.

Gambling with a real dealer, including tournament play

You may also participate in games with live dealers by going to the website for the official Levep UpCasino. The Live area is where all of the gaming action takes place, and it is here that you will discover tables that are powered by Pragmatic Play, Evolution, Fazi, NetEnt, and a variety of other software suppliers. Playthroughs are available for some of the gambling games, however anybody may watch the broadcasts of the games regardless of whether or not they gamble. Each and every customer has the ability to open any table of their choosing in order to have a better view of the action.

Levep Up review Slot Machines 

The location presently contains more than a thousand licenced locations that are easily accessible. The outcome of a game at an online casino cannot be changed because each slot machine is under the control of the software provider. Every game utilizes a random number generator in some capacity. An impartial investigation team has vouched for the information's validity.

Each of the available slots comes with its own in-depth description as well as a corresponding group of parameters that may be customized. To put it another way, I'm talking about the return on investment and the volatility. You need to pay a lot of attention to these phrases if you want to make sure that you get the most out of the potential profits you have.

Playing the great majority of slot machines is possible using the demo version of the software. To put it another way, you can play for free without having to worry about losing any of your own money, and you will still have access to everything that the full version offers.

You are welcome to make advantage of the function that enables you to play four slots at the same time. Your viewing enjoyment will be ensured by the utilization of a single monitor for the presentation of the game's action.

Mobile application for smartphones

The business has provided its patrons with an app that is of the highest quality possible. Because of this useful piece of software, having an experience that only comes around once in a lifetime is now simpler than it has ever been. This finished product for the corporation is the result of a significant amount of labor, both in terms of man-hours and days. The application can run on mobile devices operating on both Android and iOS and can adapt to a wide variety of screen dimensions and diagonals. The application is able to adjust to work with a variety of screen resolutions. The mobile app for Levep Up Casino is as handy as the desktop version, if not more so. The following are some of the numerous benefits that come along with utilizing this mobile app:

  • It is quite simple to use because the layout was designed with the user in mind.
  • Because of how handy this technology is, it can be utilized from the beginning of the registration process all the way through the process of withdrawing cash.
  • Possibility for additional statistical research.
  • Streaming of Real-Time Athletic Events 
  • Offers admission to all athletic events held everywhere in the world.  

In a word, the software makes it effortless for you to turn a pastime you enjoy into a source of income with very little work on your behalf. Your wait time will be kept to a minimum as a direct result of the user-friendliness of the programme.

Download the App on Your Phone or Tablet Now!

When you consider all of the benefits that we have discussed, it is simple to see why more than sixty percent of Levep Up's customers choose to use the mobile app. We hope that by assisting you in the process of downloading and installing the Levep Up casino Canada Mobile App, we may assist you in being as up-to-date and helpful as we ourselves are. A detailed guide is provided for your convenience below:

  1. Check the settings of your mobile device to ensure that it will permit downloads from unidentified sources.
  2. You may access the company's website using the internet browser on your mobile device.
  3. You can get to the shortcuts for IOs and Android by looking in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Select the appropriate download button, then click on it to begin the process.
  5. After you've finished installing the app, you'll need to sign in.

Congratulations! There is now an app for gambling and sports betting that is both simple to use and free to download and use on mobile devices. It is imperative that you take note of the fact that in order to avoid cheating, files can only be downloaded from the official website of the company.


Signing up requires very little effort and can be done in a few simple steps. New members can join by providing their information through cell phone or by sending a letter through the post. Using any one of these approaches won't take up a lot of your time at all. In the sections that follow, we will conduct an in-depth investigation into each of these approaches.

Mail-In Registration

Joining the Levep Up family through the process of registering with your email address is the standard procedure. The following is our solution, which is both quick and simple.

  1. Click the "Join Us" button;
  2. Users are asked to provide their email addresses.
  3. Create a PIN;
  4. In the event that you have a welcome bonus code, enter it here;
  5. You may select the bonus amount and currency that best suits your needs, and then come join us!

You've been presented with one such tactic, and it's one that's not just simple but also quick to put into effect.

Registering through Mobile Device

It will just take a few minutes of your time and following the instructions in our post for you to be able to sign up using your mobile phone number.

  1. Pick out an identifying method for yourself; 
  2. Develop a password utilizing the numerals; 
  3. Enter a coupon code if you have one, if it's applicable; 
  4. Choose the amount of the bonus that you would want, as well as the currency in which you would like to play; 
  5. And finally, you need to sign in to your account at the Levep Up casino.

We are grateful for your rapid aid in gaining access to the top online gaming and betting service, and we thank you for your support.

Deposit and Levep Up casino withdrawal

When opposed to the process of placing a deposit, withdrawing money from the online gambling site is a snap. You do not need to produce any kind of identification in order to withdraw money from your account. You may make a withdrawal using one of several different methods; however, you should select the one that is easiest for you to use. There are only a few simple actions left for you to perform in order to collect your money, and they are as follows:

  1. Log into the server you're using;
  2. Select "Cash In/Out" from the available menu options;
  3. Pick the method of withdrawal that caters to your need the most;
  4. Kindly insert the appropriate dollar amount here;
  5. Your activity has to be validated at this point, so please click the button.

The minimum amount required to withdraw is five hundred Canadian dollars. The processing time for withdrawals is quite short. However, the schedule might shift depending on the decisions that you end up making. Please do not be reluctant to get in touch with our customer service staff if you have any inquiries or issues.

Login to Levep Up Casino

The process of setting up Levep Up is now finished; in order to use the platform, you will first need to create an account. The straightforward instructions that are provided here are all that is required to accomplish this goal.

  1. The purpose of this presentation is to introduce the official website of the organization;
  2. To get started, simply click the "Sign In" option located on the far right side of the screen.
  3. Enter your Levep Up casino login information, which may be either your email address or your phone number, as well as the password that you selected when you registered for the account;
  4. The next step, following that, is for you to pick the "sign in" option from the menu.

As a consequence of this, you are now logged into your very own account. The Levep Up mobile casino app now provides you with access to all of the available settings and customization choices in this new edition. However, till your identification has been verified, you will not be allowed to make a deposit into your Levep Up Casino account or submit a withdrawal request from the casino. In the event that you have not previously done so, you will be required to create an account with. On several other websites, something quite similar to that already exists. You'll first need to create an account by providing some basic information, settling on a password, and then confirming your information over the phone or by email. That sums up the situation rather well, doesn't it?

Support service

The website provides customers with a phone number, an email address, and a chat room via which they may communicate with the technical support staff. The vast majority of professionals may be reached around-the-clock, seven days a week. They respond to customer inquiries in all of the languages that are supported by the primary website to prevent customers from becoming frustrated. A user who has selected the telephone as their preferred means of communication has the option of either manually dialing the number displayed on the website or calling via the Internet (the latter option requires that a microphone be attached to the user's computer).  On the website, there is also a section with short solutions to inquiries, in which you can discover thorough answers to issues such as "is Levep Up casino legit."