Fostering an enabling environment for measurement in Canada

There is growing recognition that the social and economic challenges affecting individuals and communities are highly interconnected. Measuring Outcomes in Practice, a new report from Mowat NFP’s Enabling Environment series, argues that to address the root causes of these challenges in a systematic way, the charitable sector must shift from measuring outputs to measuring outcomes.

The paper examines current barriers to measuring outcomes, highlights key challenges, and explains why measuring outcomes is so difficult to do in the sector. It explores what is needed to create an enabling environment for Canada’s charitable and nonprofit sector to participate more readily in measurement activities. It provides actionable recommendations for the sector, governments, and other funders to work together to strengthen the evidence ecosystem in Canada and ensure their collective efforts are making a difference in the lives of the people and the communities they serve.

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Lisa Lalande
Joanne Cave


Duncan Farthing-Nichol

Release Date

October 13, 2017