Nonprofit and charitable organizations in Canada are facing significant challenges with the current funding landscape – in the amount of funding available, where the funding is coming from and how the funding is being administered.

There is limited research in Canada about the financial health of the sector and promising practices that are emerging as organizations respond to their changing environment. The most significant nationwide research studies on sector funding issues are over 10 years old, providing limited direction on how non- profit and charitable organizations are adapting for the future. High-quality data and research are needed.

Numerous umbrella organizations have raised concerns about the implications this has for effective research and policymaking. This new series will explore data gaps and research questions and provide concrete recommendations to build a more financially resilient sector.

Partnership with United Way Greater Toronto

United Way Greater Toronto is dedicated to creating the opportunities people need to improve their lives and build a better future. Mowat NFP’s Funding the Future series is a timely contribution to the wide-ranging discussion about the financial health and resilience of Canada’s nonprofit and charitable sector. United Way Greater Toronto is pleased to contribute to the series. Our intention is to utilize the papers to support policy discussions and developments on finance and funding issues in the sector. Stay up to date with our activities by signing up for our Community Matters e-newsletter.

Research in this series